September 21, 2021 -  General Membership Meeting


Jay Worona,
Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel New York State School Boards Association

Jay Worona gave Four County SBA members a fantastic presentation on hot-button issues facing our districts right now, including contentious board meetings. 

Jay updated members on new decisions from our courts and administrative agencies and new laws and regulations.

You may view a recording of Jays's presentation along with his PowerPoint presentation, a list of updated decisions, NYSSBA's Pre-Public Comment Period Script, and Public Comment Guide on the Four County SBA Member's Only Page.


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A few comments from attendees:

"Inspirational, and Hopeful"
"Liked the, can't be what you can't see"
"Great story. Equitable does not mean Equal. Love 1st always!"
"Get directly involved!"
"Cultural Awareness to Cultural Responsiveness to Cultural Competence was an AHA for me"
"I enjoyed this speaker and was inspired. Extremely important to meet kids where they are!"
"Relationships form the foundation"
"A reminder that our own experiences can inspire others"
"Students don't lack interest, they lack engagement, and it is our job to engage them"


General Membership Meeting

Thursday, January 28, 2021 and Tuesday, April 6, 2021

"Dismantling Systemic Racism"

The Four County School Boards Association would like to thank Karen Hughes, Equity Steering Committee Chairwoman of the NYACK School District and Dr. Alexandria Connally, Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Innovation at the NYACK School District for their presentations on dismantling systemic racism on January 28, 2021 and April 6, 2021. 

Institutional racism, also called systemic racism, is an issue which has become normal practice in an organization such as a school or in society in general.  It can lead to widespread discrimination in education, health care, employment, housing, and criminal justice.  Speakers Karen Hughes and Dr. Connally discussed the Nyack district's work in addressing institutional racism and implicit bias.  Karen recently participated on a panel on racism sponsored by NYSSBA and her knowledge and experience was very valuable.

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Zoom Workshop

Gordy Baxter 

Staff Development Administrator

Instructional Technology Training at Edutech

On May 4, 2021, Four County SBA held a Professional Development Zoom Workshop. This session focused on getting members comfortable to manage their virtual meetings. Gordy started with the basics of managing the chat and participation features and then moved into other features of the platform. He included Resources, Video Tutorials, and Top 10 FAQs that you can access on the button above.  

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Professional Development Meeting

Thursday, April 8, 2021

"Understanding the Danger of the Cliff Effect"

There is much discussion about the financial challenges our districts will face in the near future despite the perception that funding is adequate.  Three highly experienced budget administrators gave a presentation regarding the “Cliff Effect "which impacts the financial stability of our schools. 

Thank you to our presenters:

Keith Henry, Assistant Superintendent for Administration at Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES

Andrew DiBlasi, School Business Official at Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES

Jay Schickling, School Business Administrator at Williamson CSD

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Four County SBA Members may view a video recording of this meeting and access the PowerPoint slides on the Members only page.

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General Membership Meeting

Monday, November 16, 2020

The Four County School Boards Association would like to thank Dr. Shawn Van Scoy, Superintendent of Gananda CSD for his presentation on Understanding the Regional Impact of State Aid Reductions.

The districts of New York State continue to hear that state aid may be reduced by 20%, which would be devastating to the 25 component districts of our BOCES region. The region receives $428,753,327 in state aid.  A 20% decrease would create difficult challenges for all our districts but especially for those who rely heavily on state aid.  The reduction would exacerbate the inequities in school funding streams and the inequities in opportunity for students.  These cuts disproportionately impact our neediest districts.

Dr. Van Scoy shared the possible impact of the decrease in aid and highlighted what this looks like not just in terms of money but losses in programs and teaching staff. 

January 30, 2020 General Membership Meeting


Jeff Ginsberg

EduTech Area Network Manager  

The Four County School Boards Association would like to extend a warm thank you to Jeff Ginsberg for his

humorous and enlightening 

presentation at our January General Membership dinner meeting at Club 86 in Geneva, New York. Jeff focused on how to be proactive and aware of your online activity both as an individual and a board member.

Various examples were given to demonstrate how your digital presence can be compromised as well as what impact it can have as a board member.  Tips and strategies were given on how to increase security to not only protect your data but also that of your district as well. 

2017 New York State

Superintendent of the Year

"Never waste a good crisis."

Dr. Luvelle Brown

We would like to extend our many thanks to Dr. Luvelle Brown for speaking at our October 3, 2017 General Membership Meeting.

His message inspired and challenged all board members to “Engage, Educate, and Empower” all students.  Anything less than a target of 100% graduation rate falls short of that possibility. 

He also offered the observation that boards must recognize that gaps/lack of inclusion exist at the policy level. Policies must be reviewed through the lens of “love and a culture of inclusion”. 

He additionally observed that public education must change or risk becoming obsolete!

We would also like to thank Rob Ainslie, President - Ithaca Board Of Education.

Rob attended our meeting along with Dr. Brown. Together they talked about the changes they have put in place to get them on the path to achieve their goal of 100% graduation rate.

Click here for full Bio.

Dr Luvelle Brown

Superintendent of Ithaca City School District

October 3, 2017

General Membership Meeting

2018 New York State

Superintendent of the Year


Guest Speaker Dr. Bob Ike

Palmyra-Macedon CSD

2018 New York State Superintendent of the Year

May 20, 2019

Annual Meeting

"Leadership Teams for a Change: The successful Board-Superintendent Relationship."


Dr. Ike used examples to explain the importance of speaking up at Board Meetings while speaking with respect, kindness, and love. He explained how his own Board was in turmoil when he was hired and how they had worked together to become a cohesive group working together to accomplish their goals. Four County Members were very engaged and the evaluation forms at the end of the meeting showed everyone enjoyed his dynamic presentation, they greatly appreciated his message and felt this was an important lesson they could use at their own meetings.

Dr. Jason Andrews.png

Guest Speaker Dr. Jason Andrews

Superintendent of Windsor CSD

2019 New York State Superintendent of the Year

November 19, 2019

General Membership Meeting

"Building a Culture of Excellence through Effective Governance"

The Four County School Boards Association would like to extend a very special thank you to Dr. Jason Andrews, Superintendent of the Windsor Central School District and

New York State’s 2019 Superintendent of the Year, for his humorous and thought-provoking presentation at our November General Membership dinner meeting at Club 86.  Attendees described the presentation as “uplifting”, “motivational”, and “bringing focus to our purpose.”  The Association greatly appreciates Dr. Andrews traveling upstate to spend the evening with us.



A video of his presentation can be found on our Member's Only Page.


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2019 New York State

Superintendent of the Year

December 6, 2017

General Membership Meeting


Dr. Betty A. Rosa  

Vice Chancellor

7th Judicial District

T. Andrew Brown

Member At Large 

Wade S. Norwood 

As all Four County members know, the work of the Board of Regents can assist or hinder our ability to serve the needs of each and every student in our schools.  This evening provides us with an opportunity to engage in a conversation with the Board leadership and our own area Representatives.  It is important for New York City based Chancellor Rosa to connect with you, to help her to understand the unique (and not so unique) challenges you must meet and how the Board can be a helpful partner in meeting those challenges. 

Thank you to those who joined us for this important opportunity! Meeting the Chancellor in our smaller, local gathering where all voices can be heard!

October 18, 2018

General Membership Meeting


Jay Worona

Deputy Executive Director, General Counsel & Director of Legal & Policy Services New York State School Boards Association

News reports of mass shootings in our nation’s schools have sadly become the “new normal.”  There are no guarantees that will keep school children and staff safe from a violent attack while at school.  

Recent events again have districts re-examining what they can do better to prevent and respond to such an event.  Jay will review where districts are in this area and where they might best focus their attention to be as best positioned as possible to protect students and faculty members.