Four County SBA 2020/2021 Annual Meeting  

Student Music/Theatre/Art Work Contributions:


Newark CSD, Penn Yan CSD, and Seneca Falls CSD

Please Enjoy!

Seneca Falls CSD

We were also able to submit four students to participate in the NYC Bound Stars of Tomorrow competition.
(The regional awards that lead to the Jimmy Awards -- the National High School Music Theatre competition).
Abigail Reagan and James Mirras were both selected to move forward into round 2! 

Penn Yan CSD 

 Penn Yan CSD Art Department Facebook Page:

Newark CSD - High School Production of

“We Will Rock You”

WE Will Rock You (

Newark CSD Student Art Work

Zoe Fisher, Grade 11

Damon Rogers, Grade 12

Courtni Tang, Grade 11

Isabelle Fanning, Grade 12

Emma Robbins, Grade 12

Destiny Rodriguez-Bellinger, Grade 12

Tyleek Sevor, Grade 12

Cody Acquista, Grade 11

Jazmine Guzman, Grade 12

Skye Capron, Grade 10

Christina Ward, Grade 9

Jenna Havert, Grade 11

Devina Bueg, Grade 11

Laura Meeks, Grade 10  

Inaya Kerr, Grade 9  

Laura Meeks, Grade 10

Kaiylanna LaBombard, Grade 12 Advanced Pottery  

Newark High School

James Zeger

Art Teacher 

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