Four County School Boards Association

The organization strives "to strengthen the leadership skills and advocacy efforts of its members by setting high standards in the areas of board development, legislative activity, and opportunities to come together to share concerns and successes".  The Association represents its member school boards to legislative and regulatory bodies at the local, state, and national levels.


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December 10 - Legislative Committee Meeting   Zoom  9:00 am   

December 13 - Professional Development - Zoom Only   

        “Re-Thinking Poverty Indicators in K-12 Education”

December 26-January 2 - Holiday Recess Office Closed All Week

January 14 - Legislative Committee Meeting   Zoom  9:00 am  

January 10 - Agenda Setting Meeting  Zoom  Time TBD

January 16 - Martin Luther King Day Office Closed   

January 24 - Board of Directors Meeting - Hybrid 

January 31 - Professional Development Meeting 

January 28 - NSBA - Equity Symposium - Washington, D.C.   

January 29-31 - NSBA - Advocacy Institute - Washington, D.C.

February  - Audit Committee Date/Time TBD

February 10 - Capital Conference - Albany - In Person

February 15 - Lobby Day - Virtual

February 11 - Legislative Committee Meeting   Zoom  9:00 am  

February 20-24 - Winter Recess     

February 20 - President's Day Office Closed 

February 28 - Professional Development - Hybrid 

March 2 - Agenda Setting Meeting Zoom Time TBD

March 4 - Prospective Board Member Seminar 9:00 AM

March 11 - Legislative Committee Meeting   Zoom  9:00 am  

March 16 - Board of Directors Meeting - Hybrid 

March 24 - Four County SBA Spring Conference (Time TBD)                              Wayne-Finger Lakes Conference Center

April 1-3 - NSBA Annual Conference and Exposition,  Orlando, FL

April 3-7 - Spring Recess            

April 7 - Good Friday  Office Closed 

April 15 - Legislative Committee Meeting   Zoom  9:00 am  

April 25 - Professional Development Meeting

                Guest Speaker: NYS Regent Ruth Turner

April 26 - BOCES VOTE  

May 1 - Annual Meeting's Agenda Setting Meeting Zoom

May 13 - Legislative Committee Meeting   Zoom  9:00 am  


May 23 - Annual Meeting  -  Club 86

May 1- Memorial Day  Office Closed

June 3 - Legislative Committee Meeting 9:00 - 10:30 am Zoom   

June 6 - New Member Get Acquainted Meeting 

June 10 - Mandated Governance Training   

June 19 - Juneteenth Office Closed

June 20 - Professional Development  5:30 Zoom

July 22 - Mandated Fiscal Training   

Four County SBA 2022-2023
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For decades, policymakers, administrators, and researchers have used Free and Reduced-Price Lunch (FRPL) data as a measure for student poverty. As more states move to universal school meals and more districts participate in Community Eligibility Provision, it is important to recognize the impact these policies will have on FRPL Data and the ability of districts to allocate money to students who need more resources. It is critical that a Congress creates a reliable, accurate poverty indicator for schools that is separate from FRPL data and school nutrition.

Upcoming Presentations

2022-2023  Presentations 

Professional Development Meeting

October 18, 2022

“You Don't Know What You Don't Know


Roundtable discussion with Veteran Board Members, District Superintendent Dr. Ramos, and

Darci D'Ercole NYSSBA Director of

Leadership Development 

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Members may view a recording of this meeting on the Members Only page

General Membership Meeting

September 20, 2022

“Anti-Harassment of Students and Staff /

Reporting Requirements for Child Abuse

in an Educational Setting”

Presenter: Sara Visingard, Esq.

Harris Beach PLLC


See Meeting History page for 2021-2022  Presentations 
Members may view recordings on the Members-Only Page